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Here are some of the fabulous events we have had in the past.

Date Party Theme Drink 1 Drink 2
2/17/2012 Gin Night Rangoon Gimlet Polynesion Spell
3/10/2012 Old Testament Night Scorpion Lelani Volcano
4/21/2012 Space Station Blast-off Saturn Aurora Bora Borealis
5/19/2012 Bring out Your UnDead Zombie (Tonga Room) Dead Bastard
6/23/2012 Wonders of the Orient Singapore Sling Fu Manchu
7/21/2012 Is there a Doctor in the Lounge?? Painkiller Dr. Funk
9/8/2012 Blow me down, in the poop deck at the Lothario Lounge! Blackbeards Ghost Pieces of Eight
10/13/2012 Pineapple Maaaaadness Boo Loo Pineapple Upsidedown Cake Martini
12/8/2012 Holiday Spectacular on Ice Banana Hammock Lars Fargo
1/19/2013 Unga Bunga Bash Chief Lapu Lapu Missionarie's Downfall
3/9/2013 Fat Saturday Hurricane Bourbon Special
5/4/2013 Celebrate the most expensive-est place on Earth Miehana Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Rum
7/4/2013 Fourth of Juluau Open House at the Lothario Lounge Mai Tai Dirty Banana Hammock
9/28/2013 Viva Schlock Vegas Lava Letch Three Rum Scum
12/20/2013 Lothario Lounge Holiday Happening featuring the Little Rummer Boy! Crazy Mountain Eck Nog Santaloha
3/22/2014 The Swinger's Ball The Red Corvair The Mango Cooler
5/10/2014 Special Secret Hollywood Insiders party for the Coolest of the Cool. Donovan's Reef Hanga Roa Hold Up
6/28/2014 Go Bananas at the Lothario Lounge Banana Riser Dirty Banana Hammock
Drunktoberfest at the Lothario Lounge
Melange a Trois
Dark 'n Stormy
The Kwazee Kwanza, Ramadan-A-Ding-Dong, Hanukkah Hootenanny, Ho Ho Ho Down.
Crazy Mountain Eck Nog  
Tasteful Savagery at the Lothario Lounge.
Lychee Letch Exotigrog
06/20/15 Grilled Cheese for Droogies, Eh! (a.k.a. Canadian Clockwork Orange, Grilled Cheese-off). The Yink ????
10/17/15 Generic October-themed party Gua-Va-Voom Autumn Bomb
02/06/16 Super Owl Saturday Paramour Punch The Red Corvair
04/09/16 That's Not Tiki Entire menu