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Here are the instructions to the secret parking area on Fair Oaks. Easier parking, but quite a few stairs.


Step 1

Park on Fair Oaks between Columbia and the South end of State Street, (Winchells).
Turn your wheels to the curb when parking on Fair Oaks


You need this map


Step 2

The driveway is across the street from a small building with multi-colored windows
where the trees stop on the opposite side of Fair Oaks.
Look for the short yellow poles.

Then enter the long steep driveway and go into the iron gate on the immediate right.
The gate is opposite more short yellow poles.

Map goes here


Step 3

If the gate is locked, just call (Six2Sicks) 441Twenty-three 55 mph and I will send someone down to let you in.
If there is no answer, call again, I'm probably mixing drinks and can't hear the phone.

If the gate is open, just start climbing two flights of stairs.
Cross the pool area and climb two more flights of stairs until you reach the very top. It's #3.

Please leave the gate propped open after yourself. If it's a party, someone else is probably on the way.